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The Warsaw Historical Society offers most of what you need to find a descendant on one CD. Or if you simply want to learn about the founding of Warsaw NY and its rich history from 1803 to the present, the CD gives you the story through rare books and databases. The History of the Town of Warsaw (1869), the Illustrated History of Wyoming County, History of Warsaw’s (1903) Centennial are often sold separately at about $9 each. This CD contains all three rare books together with numerous other resources which will provide immediate and easy access to thousands of names and stories.

A specially prepared database of over 6,700 burials in the Warsaw Cemetery is also included. The cemetery database is the first of its kind, the most comprehensive and lists birth-death dates, photos of grave stones and obituaries. It is fully searchable or you may simply read through the entries if you’re not sure how to spell a name. Included cemetery maps will also help you find a grave site. Also searchable on the CD is the Society’s database of photos, letters, stories, family histories and thousands of business and people’s names.

Hundreds of vintage photos from the Society’s website are also included along with an index of “Historical Wyoming” periodicals. Both provide leads to original research articles about the events, personalities and families that will make you want to read more about Warsaw’s unique history including the underground railroad, the Civil War and the Suffrage Movement.

The Society also includes on its CD a high-resolution, scanned image of a rare 1861 map which can be printed and framed. The scanned map may also be zoomed on your computer for close-ups of streets, house designs and owners’ names. Also included is a link to a panoramic map of Warsaw map 1885 which also may be enlarged for close-ups of the Village.

You will be glad to have all these resources on one CD as you step through time.

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