The post office in Warsaw was established in 1811.  Prior to that, letters were received and mailed at Batavia.  County, town and land office business being done there, the inhabitants had frequent opportunities of sending to the post office there.  But the settlers received many letters from their Eastern friends by hands of "New Comers" and those seeking homes.  As the postage rates were high, people probably received and sent most of their letters outside the mails.  The receipts of the Warsaw post office in 1811 were $50.00.

      At an early date, probably soon after the establishment of the post office here, a post route was started from Geneseo through this place to Lake Erie, which made a direct and continuous route from Canandaigua to the lake.  At first the mails were carried in great pouches on horse back, but later when stage coaches began running, the mails went by them.  Of course after railroads were put into operation, the stage coaches stopped running.

      The post office in Warsaw has always been on Main Street, sometimes on one side of the street and at other times on the opposite side.  From 1875 to 1900, the office was located at the northeast corner of Main and Buffalo Streets; 1900 to 1936, at the southwest corner of these streets, and with the erection of the post office building in 1936, it was moved to its present location.  The receipts for 1966 were $84,494.00.  Rural free delivery started from  the Warsaw post office in 1900 and village delivery in 1918.

      The list of postmasters follows:

Chauncey L. Sheldon                1811
Elias R. Bascom                        1828
Issac C. Bronson                       1841
William K. Crooks                    1843
Edwin L. Fuller                         1845
Charles W. Bailey                     1849
Jacob W. Knapp                        1853
Seth M. Gates                            1861
William H. Merrill                      1870
William D. Miner                       1875
Charles J. Gardner                      1884
L. Lockwood Thayer                  1887
James A. Webster                        1892
Frank J. Kearney                          1896
William Watson                           1900
William R. Crawford                   1912
William H. Cambell                     1916
William R. Crawford                    1922
Fenton J. Taylor                            1934
Parke Higgins                               1943
Thomas Reilly                               1961
Leonard E. Regan                          1963
Edward S. Nowicki                        1966

From  Quasquicentennial, 1968