18 Livingston Street
Very Close to the Center of the Town of Warsaw

The exact center of the Town of Warsaw was located on the lot of what is now the Sugar Creek Store/Gas Station on South Main.   Allen Fargo's Home pictured below before being torn down for construction of prior Atlantic Station was the exact center of the Town of Warsaw.

Allen Fargo was born in Barrington, Mass., April 1802 and came to Warsaw with his father, in 1804 and married Polly Marchant, October 30, 1822. Their children were John M, who married Betsey Throop, both moving to Iowa; Marvin N., 3 children; Wheeler H., one son who died at age 5 or 6, remarried and had two children; Mary Jane who died in infancy; Polly, who died in her 11th year.

Allen Fargo built his home on the site of his father, Captain Fargo's very early log-cabin home. Allen Fargo's son, John M. Fargo, became a partner in the dry goods business of B. F. Fargo & Co.