Warsaw's Business and Manufacturing

around the turn of the century

Brown Knitting Company was organized in 1907 and made men's and boys' Fancy and Halbriggan Underwear, Bathing and Union Suits

The Warsaw Button Company commenced business in 1900. The plant was located in the center of Warsaw and had a frontage of over 200 feet on South Main Street where the Big M market is now located. It was torn down in 1957 prior to the erection of the Acme Supermarket which building became the Big M market. It employed 250 hands and produced ivory buttons in various designs which were sold in the leading button markets of the country.

Established in 1893, the Roberts Brothers Flour Mills was said to have modern equipment and the products comprised flour and miscellaneous feed products. Built just north of the B. & O. Railroad depot, the business continued until 1930. During the depression, their doors were closed. Montgomery Brothers purchased the mill to use for feed only.

The Warsaw Paper Box Co., Inc, grew from a work force of three hands in 1908 in the building below to over 30 in its new factory pictured thereafter.

Rice's Shoe Store was one of the most attractive mercantile establishments in Warsaw.  The salesroom was spacious and handsomely furnished in metropolitan style.

The Warsaw Board of trade numbered over 200 members.

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