Warsaw History Games


Text-Based Games created by Alex Bellaire based on the History of Warsaw


Common Question: What are "Text-Based Games?"

Answer: Text-Based Games are what the name implies, mainly text, and requires the player to imagine most of the events going on. These also require the player to type in commands into an input bar, or selecting options on screen. Different commands work in different games, so each game that requires typing will show you how to do something.


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Game:                                                                                                        Description:

Your Warsaw Museum
Do research to uncover the rich history of Warsaw, New York, just as though you are a real historian. In this game, you need to document new parts of history, research donations and run your museum in the most efficient way possible. Each exhibit you get can be looked at, and has an interesting fact about the town, so be sure to read about each one.


Test your knowledge of Warsaw by answering these 10 questions! Based on the exhibits found in "Your Warsaw Museum," this 10 question Multiple Choice Quiz will truly see what you were able to take away from playing the game.

Warsaw Museum Quiz

To play this game, type every action you wish to make, from lifting a hat on the table to unlocking a chest. Each action you take is another tick of the clock as you race to try and escape this group of rooms before the door locks permanently. Can you solve the puzzles in time?


The Warsaw Escape Room