News Release - May 30, 2003

 The Warsaw Historical Society is pleased to announce that a ceremony honoring the original home of Dr. Augustus Frank and his son, the Honorable Augustus Frank will be held on the lawn at 140 North Main Street, Warsaw, NY, on June 11, 2003 at 6:30 p.m.   The Society has invited several distinguished guests and speakers for dedication by  a plaque and marker at the site and by  memorializing 200 years of Warsaw's rich history.

 The Hon. Michael Griffith, Wyoming County Judge, will address the historical significance of the Frank Home and the  growth of the Township and ideologies  from Dr. Frank's arrival in about 1817.

 Representatives from Senator Dale Volker's and Assemblyman Daniel Burling's offices will present a formal, joint proclamation praising Warsaw's 200 years of distinctive history to Howard Miller, Warsaw Town Supervisor.

 Dr. A. Frank was a very early pioneer, physician  and businessman who had significant business partnerships, ultimately owning  much of the land in the Warsaw Township.  As an early vocal,  abolitionist leader, he became  a  member of the Warsaw Antislavery Society and a delegate to the conventions forming the American Anti-Slavery in Philadelphia in 1833 and the New York Anti-Slavery Society in Utica in 1835.   Dr. Frank passed  his and the then  Warsaw-wide sentiment to his son, Augustus Frank, Junior.  Dr. Frank's son became the first Congressman from Warsaw serving three counties  from 1858 to 1865.  The Hon Augustus Frank, Junior,  was chiefly instrumental in passage of the Thirteenth  Amendment which abolished slavery.

 Dr. Frank's other son, George Washington Frank, successfully carried on his father's businesses in the Village.  In partnership with  Elbert E. Farman in about 1865, he  established, Park, Elm and East Court Streets.  In about 1870, G.W. Frank  moved to Corning, Iowa, where he is credited with founding that  community.   He then moved in about 1889 to Kearney, Nebraska.  There he became involved with railroad commerce and finished the Kearney Canal.  He  built a 46 room mansion, now the University of Nebraska's conference center.

 Charlotte Smallwood-Cook will discuss her 1962 purchase of  the historic, Frank  home from the Hon. A. Frank's only child.  Mary Frank Miller had lived in the home located at the Civil War Monument and  across from the Wyoming County Courthouse  for more than 90 years.  Ms. Smallwood-Cook  recently located George William Frank  and made arrangements for his attendance at the planned, June 11th ceremony.  Mr. Frank is a direct male descendant of  Dr. Frank, a  great nephew of the Hon. A. Frank and a great, grandson of  George Washington Frank.  His appearance at the ceremony will mark his first visit to Warsaw.  Harvey Granite, current owner of George Washington Frank's, 1869,  home on Park Street, will accommodate Mr. Frank's overnight stay.

 Following the ceremony, a reception will be held at the Gates House Museum, 22 Perry Avenue, Warsaw.  Plaques ordered through the Warsaw Historical Society's Plaque Program  will be displayed and released to owners. The Society plans refreshments and edibles during the reception at around 7 p.m.

For more information, access Warsaw's history on the web  - www.warsawhistory.org

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