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Dr. Chauncey L. Sheldon built, near his store, (south side,) his new two-story dwelling [in about 1817], occupied by him until his death [1828], and thereafter by his family for many years. It was afterward occupied as a parsonage, the property of the [first] Presbyterian Church, and then passed into the hands of Dr. J. G. Meachem, and after a few years, removed by him to the north part of the village. It is the house in which Dr. M. Baker now resides, by whom it has been changed into a beautiful residence.
Chauncey L. Sheldon of Rupert Vt., came to Warsaw in 1808, being the first physician in this town. He was what is usually termed a "popular" man. Having secured the public confidence in his professional skill, he acquired an extensive and, as it was in that early day, a laborious practice. He was in 1817 somewhat relieved by taking into partnership Dr. Augustus Frank. Their professional partnership was soon followed by a partnership in the mercantile business, which being more congenial to the taste of Dr. Frank that his professional practice, was chiefly devolved upon him. Dr. Sheldon, however, found material relief a few years later by the coming in of Drs. Daniel and Cyrus Rumsey. Dr. Sheldon was a gentleman of good character and a professor of religion. He was an early member of the Presbyterian church and retained his connection until his death. He was also the first Postmaster in this town. He was appointed to this office April 12, 1811, and held the same until January 24, 1826, when he was reappointed, after which he held it only until March 3, 1828, when, his recovery from protracted illness having become hopeless and he having resigned the office, Elias R. Bascom, his partner in trade was appointed his successor. He was also Clerk of Genesee county for about five years. He was appointed February 14, 1821 by the Council of Appointment. The office having been made elective by the Constitution of 1821, he was in November, 1822, elected to the office for three years, the term commencing January 1, 1823. He died March 28, 1828, aged about 45 years. His wife, whose maiden name was Mima Brown, died November 23, 1834, aged 54. Their children, besides Chauncey B., Alphonso T. and Alonzo C., twins, d. inf.,

In 1815, Simeon Cummings, who that year made his land purchase of Judge Webster, in connection with Dr. Sheldon, and a Mr. Brigham, established a store, under the firm of C.L. Sheldon & Co. It was kept in the small red brick building, afterwards used many years as a dwelling, and finally removed to make room for the Episcopal church. The store was discontinued in 1816.

Dr. Chauncey L. Sheldon, the first physician in this town, was probably the first dealer in Drugs and Medicines. Being Postmaster, he kept them in his Post-Office, a small building twelve by sixteen feet, standing on the east side of Main street, nearly opposite the Bank corner. The building, after two removals, may be seen on Water street, where it forms the wing of a small dwelling, and may be known now and probably for the period of at least another generation, by the compound word, "Post-Office," painted on the frieze, in shaded letters, partially obliterated by a coat of paint. In 1817, Dr. Sheldon was joined in professional business by Dr. Augustus. Frank, and the building continued to be used for the same purpose a year or two, when they went into the regular mercantile business in their new store, Drugs and Medicines forming a part of their stock. After their dissolution, Dr. Frank also connected with his store this branch of trade; and the more common drugs and patent medicines were kept by merchants generally.

Dr. Sheldon was one 12 trustees of Warsaw's first public library, January 14, 1825.
Dr.   Sheldon became "Society Clerk" of the first religious society, Union Society, (Presbyterian church) July 1808, July 1812.

Dr. John G. Meachem
Dr. John G. Meachem moved Dr. Sheldon's home to its north Warsaw Location and sold it to Thomas Brown, father of Jane Brown Baker, wife of Dr. Milan Baker.  Jane Brown Baker inherited the home and sold it to  to Byron Healy before 1885.

Hon. Byron Healy

Hon. Byron Healy was born in Dansville, Steuben Co., January 10, 1830. He graduated at the State and National Law School at Ballston, N.Y. and practiced in Arcade, this county from 1854 to 1857, when he removed to Warsaw and formed a partnership with Harlow L. Comstock, which continued until after his election as District Attorney. In 1863 and 1864, he represented [Wyoming County] in the Assembly, and in November, 1867, he was elected County Judge. He married, in 1868, Mary C., daughter of Timothy H. Buxton, another early leader of Warsaw. Assemblyman Healy was one of a committee of 13 who make arrangements for Lincoln's Funeral. He paid subscription for support of the families of volunteers in the civil war.

Excerpted from Andrew W. Young's History of Warsaw, 1869